A player for the 360° 3d video

Preparing to release a new innovative video camera on the market, the customer requested development of a 3D player to play a panoramic video. The player was later used in other applications for the customer’s promotional purposes.

The distinguishing feature of this 360° video is that it is made simultaneously by several cameras and creates that way an impression of real presence of the viewer in the movie. Making such a video, users can share their achievements in sports showing all details as if viewers were real time onlookers.

The player’s functionality includes the following features:

  • watch the 360° video;
  • navigate within the video using the mouse (in PC app) or finger and gyroscope (for iOS app);
  • zoom inside the video.
Technologies and tools:

OpenGL ES, AVFoundation, Google Toolbox, FFmpeg library, AudioQueue

Browser extension for sound messages sharing

Customer desired to give a new innovative challenge: he asked for a solution to share sound messages on Facebook, Twitter and the websites of customer’s partners in the simplest way for user experience.

We suggested the format of browser extension allowing users to record/ play the sound on their Facebook/Twitter page in two clicks. Those who did not install it are redirected to Customer’s site where the sound is played.

Solution was implemented for four most popular browsers: Firefox, IE, Opera and Chrome. The implemented extension allows:

  • create a sound message of 2 minutes length and add a text comment to it;
  • share the message in Facebook and Twitter;
  • leave sound comments, statuses, send private messages in these two social nets;
  • leave sound comment on the sites-partners of the Customer.
Technologies and tools:

Kango framework,PHP, MySQL, Node.js, Redis, Socket.io, etc

Mobile application for a news website

Customer wanted to develop an application optimized for different operating systems. Practical and easy to use, the application is characterized by timely information update and optimal materials visualization.

In addition to the standard news application functionality like quick access to the information via its rational sorting in different sections and news sharing via social networks or e-mail, the application also allows its users to adjust the layout of the news articles for the most comfortable view and reading and provides advertisers with the possibility to place an advertisement in the discreet but visible form of an interstitial webpage or a banner.

The customer tested the first version of the application for the iOS platform and was satisfied with the result, so the application analogue was ordered for the Android OS.

Technologies and tools:

iOS 6.x / 7.x / 8.x, Android 2.2+ / 4.x / 5.x;Capptain, Digital Advert, Xiti

Android-application for printing high-quality photo albums

Additionally to an already existing iOS application, the customer wanted to develop an Android application which allows users to create high-quality albums with photos and to make orders to print them.

With the help of the mobile application, users can order to print a colorful photo album in a soft high-quality cover. The application allows users also to choose a design template using the photos from their own gallery directly from the device. The application does not requires registration and is simple and easy-to-use. It is also safe and easy to pay for the service via PayPal or using a credit card.

Supported devices:

Android 2.2+ / 4.x / 5.x

Technologies and tools:

Android SDK (Java), Android NDK (C/C++), OpenGL, Universal Image Loader for Android, ActionBarSherlock, SimpleXML, Android Page Curl, CImg, PugiXML, libjpeg, libpng

Fast photo processing based on face recognition

Customer, university, has a need to do in a few days 2000-4000 photos for documents and fix them in the personal profile DB.

Straight method was to hire 10-15 volunteers with cameras, who shoot photos and processed them on computer, firstly to crop and resize.

We created a solution based on face recognition which made this one-click processing from photo and insert it to DB record. As a result, only one operator needed, few clicks and less than 30 second spent on the procedure shoot + processing +recording.

Technologies and tools:

Java, OpenCV

Mobile version of a fashion magazine

Customer wanted to get with the times and addressed with a request to develop a mobile version of a printed fashion magazine.

The mobile application allows users to:

  • get the whole access to all articles and media;
  • comment articles, videos and photos on Facebook, Twitter or send them by email or text message;
  • make a list of favorite articles, videos and photos;
  • pass tests and evaluate the knowledge of the world of fashion, beauty and culture;
  • follow the magazine on all social media sites.
Technologies and tools:

iOS 6.x / 7.x / 8.x, Android 2.3+ / 4.x / 5.x

Android Technologies:

  • Android SDK
  • Augmented reality
  • Google Mobile Ads SDK
  • AT Internet

iOS Technologies:

  • iOS SDK
  • iCloud
  • GCD (Grand Central Dispatch)
  • MVC (Model-View-Controller)
An intranet site with access to archived media

European media company wanted a solution for company staff providing an easy access to internal blog, photo and audio materials. The idea was that the content should be available both from Desktop browser and from Mobile platforms.

Created solution allows the customer’s staff to access company archives anytime and anywhere they need it. The solution included:

  • multimedia content display/delivery;
  • support for desktop and mobile browsers;
  • audio format conversion and streaming.

The registered user can search in archives using keywords, date ranges, using full text search. Search results can be stored for future reference.

Technologies and tools:

IIS, Windows Media service (WMS), ASP .Net, Lucene, PHP 5, CakePHP, Zend framework

Automated cloud backup service

The client is constantly improving his products by adding new features, moving to new technologies and devices to keep on going with the times. It was decided to add several extensions for enterprise mail management product.

Solution implemented:

  • smart automatic answering, based on templates and client historical data;
  • integration with existing Electronic Document Management systems via web services;
  • extension that simplifies company’s inter-department requests management.

With extensions delivered, the customer provides product modifications that perfectly integrate with end-client’s environment and business processes.

Technologies and tools:

Java EE: Servlets, Web Services, Java Mail API; Spring, Hibernate, Bean shell; Apache Tomcat, Linux for server side Java Server Pages (JSP), JavaScript, HTML, CSS for presentation layer.

Porting of top-up solutions

The customer provides mobile operators with solutions based on Informix database server and working with distributed databases and performing up to several million database calls per hour:

  • voucher management system
  • point of sales

At a certain moment the customer faced the situation when many of their clients wished to use Oracle instead. For such clients, migration of the solutions from Informix to Oracle was necessary.

Business logic of these two solutions was ported from Informix SPL to Oracle PL/SQL. Unit tests have been carried out to ensure that the solutions work well with Oracle databases, as huge amount of code working with database has been rewritten to work with Oracle.

Technologies and tools:

C/C++, Informix, Oracle, PL/SQL

Application for configuring Direct Attached Storage (DAS) RAID Devices

The main goal of this project was to develop an application for configuring Direct Attached Storage (DAS) RAID devices produced by our customer, an American data storage company:

The developed application allows users to combine any number of these disks into one Virtual RAID with custom name, level, cache options and other. For this purpose, the application contains a user-friendly Wizard with a dedicated interface to select and deselect disks supposed to be combined in the Virtual array.

In addition to this Wizard, the application has a lot of instruments for managing currently created Virtual arrays: a tool for scheduling base tasks like initialization, consistency check or rebuilding; notification center with all logs related to the device; instruments for configuring device settings.

One of important features was managing cases when one of physical disks included in RAID has become broken or ejected. In this case, RAID starts emergency rebuilding with one of ‘spare’ drives selected by user. This workflow has a lot of unobvious points which were successfully managed by our team.

Technologies and tools:

The technology used for the project was Qt. This cross-platform solution was selected, because there were 2 target platforms for the application: Windows and Mac.

UI was developed using QML.

One of customer’s requirements was supporting translation of the application into more than 10 languages. For this purpose, our team used a special tool ‘Qt Linguist’.